Learning Is More Than a Test Score

We need to restore a proper balance to public education. The growing fixation on high-stakes testing is damaging our efforts to improve schools. While appropriate assessments are an integral part of a high-quality education system, an accountability system obsessed with measuring, which punishes teachers and schools, comes at a huge cost. It's time to make sure that teaching and learning—not testing—drive classroom instruction so that we can give all children the rich, meaningful public education they deserve.

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Testimonial from English Teacher Bonnee Breese

Test grades only take a snapshot of those hours, on those particular days in a child's life. But with the community of learners that I serve, at any moment of their days, their whole lives can be turned upside down.

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Reflections on Testing–Helen Gym, Parent, Philadelphia

My most immediate concern about high-stakes testing is the way it has dumbed down the curriculum, and that has been the most painful, difficult thing for me to deal with. I feel like there is such a drive for test-prep.

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